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Meet Pradyuman

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Shifting gears from his role as an Indian Match Making Groom hunting for a wife to a young entrepreneur, Pradhyuman has carved quite a name for himself. Today, he stands as the face of his mother’s brand. A brand that was fueled by passion and the need to prove oneself. He is taking the brand one step further into the digital space as his unwavering passion and innovation propels him forward. Through his insights and expertise, Pradhyuman inspires audiences worldwide, fostering a digital presence that continues to flourish. Pradhyuman's vision to make luxury accessible to all takes centre stage. Be captivated by his resilience and determination as he leaves an indelible mark on the jewellery industry and beyond.

"For me, it all begins with the heart of the jewellery- it's design and people.

Much like how the karigar polishes the diamonds facets, I aim to polish how Nornament can make it's mark."