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Gilded TearsGilded Tears
Gilded Tears Sale price₹ 86,000.00
Ruby CharmRuby Charm
Ruby Charm Sale price₹ 75,000.00
Perched DropletsPerched Droplets
Perched Droplets Sale price₹ 58,000.00
The Ripening FruitThe Ripening Fruit
The Ripening Fruit Sale price₹ 57,999.00
Jade Vine CircletsJade Vine Circlets
Jade Vine Circlets Sale price₹ 46,000.00
Crashing WavesCrashing Waves
Crashing Waves Sale price₹ 45,599.00
Drops of Regalia EarringsDrops of Regalia Earrings
Drops of Regalia Earrings Sale price₹ 44,000.00
Dancing DoublesDancing Doubles
Dancing Doubles Sale price₹ 36,999.00
Bleu Bliss EarringsBleu Bliss Earrings
Bleu Bliss Earrings Sale price₹ 35,599.00
The Twirling TwoThe Twirling Two
The Twirling Two Sale price₹ 32,000.00
The Dewy DaisyThe Dewy Daisy
The Dewy Daisy Sale price₹ 30,600.00
Chic Diamond DropsChic Diamond Drops
Chic Diamond Drops Sale price₹ 14,990.00
Diamond DropletsDiamond Droplets
Diamond Droplets Sale price₹ 11,000.00
Pearly WhitesPearly Whites
Pearly Whites Sale price₹ 2,500.00