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Legacy of N

The years of Nornament's history have built this legacy of creativity and luxury.
It is a tale rooted in family and love, a timeline of how we came to be.

It begins with a dream that turned true in 1995

A first step, that led to the glowing world of Nornament.
Mrs Sushma Maloo is entrusted with creating jewellery for her niece’s wedding. A wedding that birthed not only a union, but also a dreamer.

The dream begins to take shape in 1995-97

Crafting a vision that is about to turn legacy
Mrs Sushma Maloo creates her first piece- A Tirupati Balaji pendant that starts it all. The waves set off by the pendant spread through words and praises, and a home of authentic luxury begins to take shape.

The journey begins in a world full of obstacles in 1998

Khushboo Creations comes to life..
Sushma Maloo wades into a male-dominated world, with her daughter’s name, armed with her passion and creativity. It sets off the brand’s mantra - Authenticity to Oneself is True Luxury. 

A son watches a dream unfold in 2008

Drawn to the designs and jewellery shimmering in wait. 
Pradhyuman Maloo realizes that this is no simple story, but his mother's legacy waiting for him. He embarks on a journey that will change the brand and his life forever.

The home of luxury finds a name in 2011

The name it will carry for its glorious legacy. 
Khushboo Creations transforms and NORNAMENT is born. The brand finds its true identity, a home of ornamental beauty. 

In 2010, the brand welcomes home Pradhyuman Maloo

Who brings a bold creative force with him.
Pradhyuman Maloo takes his place as creative head of the brand.  With him, it is now a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, laced with reflective luxury. 

The brand's first showroom comes to life in 2017

Finding a spot in the vibrant city of Mumbai. 
Nornament opens a showroom in her first home, Mumbai and the City of Dreams becomes the perfect mirror of who Nornament is. A family run endeavour of love, houses the creativity that Sushma set off all those years ago.

The Navtar spreads its wings, settling its spirit into the home of Nornament in 2021. 

22 years after its birth, Nornament changes its face.
The Navtar arrives, transforming the brand’s identity; a logo founded on resolute pillars that carry on the dream.

In July of 2021, the family's love of labour grows to create a home in Kolkata, a root of joy and love.

Nornament arrives in the City of Joy.
The family run business returns to its cherished roots in Kolkata. A home of luxury settles into Elgin road, ready to spread her wings in a city that knows all about magic and family.