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Fine jewellery

made with precious stones

Our life’s universe is an amalgamation of each individual moment. Each moment weaved with so many emotions and feeling each distinct in its own way. These moments form the energy blocks to hope, to dream to thrive and to live our life.

A honey hive made with individual contribution by each of its members to provide energy to the whole, to live a sustained and happy lives by all the members.

As a reminder, we created our Golden Honey Hive bracelet with specially cut beautifully nerved fancy yellow flat diamonds connected intensely and held by recycled gold.

Each diamond representing the emotions and feeling individually but at the same time adding the sparkle in totality.

This brooch was designed to capture the royal significance a feather holds in the most delicate way.

A Feather was used to write messages, these messages decided the fate of kingdoms, this led to decide the fate of cultures, people and values. Over a period of time we can still see the reflection of these modified values and principles in our current state of things and life. A simple small element that was instrumental to forge history.

To learn from a feather is,maybe at the time of action we don't know the consequence of its ripple effect, however even the smallest action can make a difference.

This Royal Feather Broach is symbolic to the act of attaching feathers to oneself as a ceremonial significance also setting an intention for abundance.

The most beautiful time during a snowfall is when the ray of sunlight glistening the structure of the snowflake.

Showcasing the gentleness of its movement, the delicate structure binding together and the transparency of its joy.

While making the earring, we wanted to retain the beauty of each snowflake, the moments of joy it brings and the purity of the dance, to replicate the same in life!

3521 miles , 6 flights , 7 road trips
9 bars and 1 unique life encounter later, I managed to procure these Tanzanites from the only place where it is found, Tanzania.

Procuring is not just work , I get to mix my love for gemstones , travel and adventure together. Procuring also means mingling and getting to know global cultures , allowing me to enter the lives of the locals but most often or not they have to let me in their inner circle.

My adventures make me revel in the creative curve when I get to design what I design for my customers.
I would travel as far as I need to go, to bring passionately the best resources I can to provide the creativity and luxury that you gift yourself or someone you love because anything thing that is worthwhile and valuable doesn’t come easy and it takes its own time to become special.

This exclusive tanzanite necklace adorned with Princess cut diamonds is my small representation of the galaxy.