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Meet Sunanda


Sushma Maloo, embarked on a journey of determination and resilience to establish her jewellery brand, Normament. Her passion for jewellery and design led her down this path of building a brand that is luxurious, yet accessible. With a savings of 50,000 rupees, she kick-started Nornament, receiving her first order for a Tirupati Balaji pendant, which opened the floodgates to numerous orders.

Undeterred by the male-dominated jewellery industry, Sushma fearlessly forged ahead as a one-woman army, handling all aspects of her business. She believes her role as a housewife taught her time management and the perfect balancing act which helped her keep the reins on her growing business.  Sushma credits her success to both her perseverance and the resilience ingrained in women who have faced various odds in their lives. Her journey was a testament to her strength and determination.

"Nornament is more than a business to me. It's the garden in which. my hopes and dreams have bloomed with the help of my family."